WordPress + Elementor Tidbits - You might find an answer to a ? that has stumped you

Delaney: Getting Started

(1) You will need to have WordPress and a core theme installed before starting. I highly recommend using the HELLO theme or my favorite Page Builder theme installed before starting, which you can download from the wordpress.org repository. They are free, light weight, super easy to use & work well with my templates. This template kit is intended to take the place of a theme, so having a lightweight “vanilla” theme as your base is a great start.  If you have an existing theme installed, please keep in mind that the templates in this kit will override the design of your theme. It will NOT delete anything, you can always revert back in the future if you choose.

(2) Make sure you have previously installed Elementor PRO, Template Kit Import (FREE) and the Happy Addons for Elementor (FREE) plugins – links below! This template kit does need the Elementor PRO version in order to use many of the functions of the design.  If you forget to install something, no worries…you will be reminded to install them during setup.

ELEMENTOR – https://elementor.com/
HAPPY ADDONS – https://wordpress.org/plugins/happy-elementor-addons/
TEMPLATE KIT IMPORT (plugin needed to install templates) – https://wordpress.org/plugins/template-kit-import/

The above does include an affiliate link. I do get a benefit if you choose to purchase through the link. I only recommend products I use myself and/or trust implicitly.