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Elementor Update 3.3.1: My WooCommerce related products look all weird!

UPDATE August 10, 2021: They just released version 3.3.6 – and the issue mentioned below regarding WooCommerce related images looks to be fixed! Make sure to grab a backup of your site to protect yourself, but looks like this newest upgrade fixes the issue!!!

Don’t worry, it is nothing you did to cause this issue. It is something that cropped up when users updated the PRO version to 3.3.1. When that happened, you might have noticed your related products (often shown at the bottom of the individual product page) went to 1 column – super large in size.

This is easy to fix! The steps below will rollback your Elementor PRO to the previous version of 3.3.0 and the problem is easily solved. I recommend holding off on upgrading to 3.3.1 – wait until the next release comes out because this issue should be fixed at that time. I’ll update this post with more details as they become available

To fix the issue:

Go to Elementor >> Tools

Choose the Version Control tab at the top of the new screen that comes up.

Find where it says “Rollback Pro Version” and click the “Reinstall v3.3.0” button.

That’s it, rolling back is super easy and rarely causes problems with your site. As always, you might want to grab a backup before making this change – to be safe!