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LoveNotes: Set up the Call to Action ‘Popup’

The call to action area of the site has a button that can connect to the included template titled “LoveNotes Popup”. You can also connect this popup to any other button or link in the site that you want.

In order to connect the button, right-click so you can edit the button and view the area on the left side menu that says CONTENT. This is where you would edit the content of this module, and we want to focus on the Button Link area.

Click the Dynamic Tags button and choose Popup from the drop down. Once you do this, you will have a wrench icon in the field on the left side. Click the wrench and from the drop down field titled PopUp start typing Lovenotes and the popup template will show. Choose it, to finish setting up the button to automatically link to the pre-designed popup.

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