WordPress + Elementor Tidbits - You might find an answer to a ? that has stumped you

Midsummer: Getting Started

I appreciate your purchase of one of my Elementor template designs. I hope you find it easy to use and welcome your thoughts should you run into any issues. Please note the following before getting started:

1.You will need to have WordPress and a core theme installed before starting. I highly recommend using the HELLO theme from Elementor, which you can download from the wordpress.org repository. It is free, light weight, super easy to use & works well with my template. You can also use my template with ANY theme, so if you have one you like there is NO need to change it.

2.Make sure you have previously install Elementor PRO plugin before starting! This template does need the PRO version in order to use the testimonial slider, price packages, tabs (near the gallery) & newsletter signup form. If you won’t need those elements, then you are welcome to install the free Elementor version. The rest of the template will continue to work perfectly with it.

3.Now let’s get started on how to install your new template below

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