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Midsummer: Replacing Images

When replacing pictures, here are a few helpful notes on sizes that work well for each area of the template:

1.Header Images – the larger image works well when it is a long (tall) image, and the second image can either be tall or wide. You are welcome to change these, but the shapes above will keep all images/text in alignment as shown in the demo.

2.About Image – this image also works best if it is tall, allowing it to overlap the mauve color background at the bottom.

3.Ofice Space Images – these images can be any shape that suits your needs. You will find, if they are not “squared” as shown in the demo then the overlap of each image might be different (either they will overlap more or less).

4.Portfolio Images – these images work best when they are all roughly the same size/shape. Helps to keep the rows & columns aligned properly. If you want to add more images, adjust the settings for the gallery (currently it is set to show 4 columns).

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