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Midsummer: Setting up Templates

After installing the HELLO theme (if you do not already have one) & ELEMENTOR plugin on your website, the simple steps below will set up your new homepage.


2.Click the button at the top IMPORT TEMPLATES and then BROWSE to find my template you purchased & downloaded and then click IMPORT NOW.

3.Once the template is installed, you will see it listed as one of your new saved templates. You won’t be making changes now..first we have to set up a new homepage for your website. hello@bymasselyn.combyMasselyn.comCreative Market

4.Next step is to set up a that homepage. Go to PAGES >> ADD NEW

5.Give your new page a name. Best practice is to call it HOME. On the right-hand menu, click PAGE ATTRIBUTES, from the Template drop down, choose Elementor Canvas. Save your changes! **big blue button at the top/right of your screen.

6.Once you have a new page, and have saved your changes you will click the blue button near the top (left side) of the screen titled EDIT WITH ELEMENTOR to start customizing your new homepage.

7.Left side is the Elementor admin panel, in the middle of the screen you want to click the grey button (looks like a file folder) so we can choose the template you uploaded earlier. Go to MY TEMPLATES from the tabs at the top, find the one titled Midsummer and click INSERT.

8.Your new home template will show up, and this is where you can start editing it. You will notice, my demo images came over. You will be able to choose ALL of your own images for the different areas of the page to reflect your own business and replace anything that is there. Fonts & colors come over as well, but you have full control to change them if you want.

**All images are from unsplash.com, and free to use, or you are welcome to view their collection and find images related to your own business. 9.Just dive in, edit all titles, text, etc…and have fun

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