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Mobile Testing – Brand new FUN in Elementor 3.2.1

OMG – okay, for those who develop or really love playing in Elementor you probably already know they had a great way to check mobile views from within the page editor. **If you didn’t know this, check out the screenshot below that toggles between desktop/tablet/phone!!

It was a wonderful tool, especially for a developer like me, because aside from the fact I own WAY too many devices in my house for testing (and fun) it helped me quickly get a view of how a page was looking before I launched a site. Weeeellllll – in the newest version of Elementor they took this to a whole new level and I am…


My one gripe with the previous version of the mobile editor was that they had preset screen sizes – and frankly they were a bit antiquated. I mean now we have all sizes of iPads, Amazon Fire, and other tablets that were way larger than their editor allowed for. Yeah, well that is no longer…now you can edit the screen size to suit the resolution you are testing. I can not tell you how much easier it is going to be to edit for responsiveness now that this feature is built in. I don’t have to pull out every device in the house (yeah, probably will do that anyway as an extra line of defense) or get my online emulator to handle it for me. Ahh….I’m in love.

Upgrade to the newest version of Elementor as soon as you can safely do so (BACKUP first….please, always do this in case anything goes wrong) and have fun with this new feature. There are more…but this one stole my heart!

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