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Moving from Divi to Elementor: How can I clean up all of that code?

I recently had a client move from Divi over to Elementor and it was a nightmare when we turned off Divi because all of the code was dumped into the page. Everything that made Divi “do what it does” turned into code that mucked up the page and made it hard to determine what was actual content and what was Divi.

I found a really nice plugin that worked SO beautifully and cleaned it all up in under a minute (well as long as it took to install and activate it).

The lite versions essentially cleans up your content on the front-end but leaves everything intact on the back-end. This can be helpful in emergency situations when you need the front of your site to look proper, without all of that unnecessary code.

The premium version, which is $21, will allow it to clean the backend too (or you can do that on your own if you want to save some money). At least, in the meantime, people who visit your site are not seeing all of that code cluttering things up and you can take your time manually cleaning the back.

Check it out, try it…I’d love to see if it helps you too! Keep in mind, this plugin will help you whether you are moving from Divi to Elementor or any other theme/builder. Your choice!

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