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Quote: Setup & Edit the Contact Form (PRO version)

CONTACT FORM – when you uploaded templates, one of them was the contact form pop-up (or slide-in). To set this up, go to the contact area and right-click the button to bring up its settings.

– On the left side, click the ‘dynamic tags” icon on the far right of the LINK field. A drop down will show and you want to choose Popup. Then click the wrench (in the same field) and the drop down at the bottom allows you to find the pop-up you uploaded titled Quote – Contact Form. Once those changes are made, save the page and test things out!

If you want to edit the Form Pop-up, go to TEMPLATES >> POPUPS and find the Quote – Contact Form to edit it. Here you will be able to edit all areas of the slide-out form, and setup the form for proper notifications.

Once complete, save your changes and test things out. If you connected the button above (on your homepage) it should open the slide-out form.

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