WordPress + Elementor Tidbits - You might find an answer to a ? that has stumped you

Samantha: Launching your New homepage

To launch this new homepage design, the final step is go to SETTINGS >> READING. This is where you tell WordPress that you have a new homepage that it needs to point to. Click A STATIC PAGE and then from the drop down choose the HOME page you set up earlier (or whatever you named it). Make sure to save your changes and then go to your domain and view your new homepage.

**Notes. We created a new page and inserted the template into it because this allows you to make edits without altering the template itself. If you choose, in the future, to revert back to the original (demo version) – it is always there for you under Templates >> Saved Templates. This is also helpful if you ever make a mistake, the original template is available to review and fix those errors.

You will also find areas of the page that are “greyed” out. These are set up for mobile versions of the page, and need to be edited similar to other areas.

To view/edit these areas, it is easier to turn on the mobile view of the page by clicking the button (as shown) and choose either Tablet or Phone. When you do this, the “greyed” areas of the page become easier to edit.