WordPress + Elementor Tidbits - You might find an answer to a ? that has stumped you

The file/theme is missing “style.css stylesheet.” What does this mean?

This error often comes up when trying to install a new theme into WordPress through
Appearance >> Themes. The big question I am sure you are asking right now is…WHY??

(1) If you are trying to install Elementor templates (that you purchased from me or elsewhere), then you are probably in the wrong place to install them. Elementor templates are not meant to be full themes, but often are individual page designs/layouts that you install differently. Elementor templates, files that can end in either *.zip or *.json, are meant to be installed directly into Elementor only. Go to Templates >> Saved Templates and click the button at the top that says “Import Templates”. That will put you on the right path!

(2) If you did purchase a full WordPress theme, and are getting that error, then it might mean:

  • You might be using the wrong ZIP file. Sometimes theme designers sell ZIP files that are meant to be unzipped – after your purchase & download – before you use them. They might contain instructions PDFs and the ZIP file of the actual theme. If you run into an issue, unzip the downloaded file first and verify the contents – look for an instruction file that can help you along. If you see a second ZIP file, try uploading that into your site!
  • Or, the theme files you downloaded might be corrupt. Try downloading the file again, see if you have better luck.
  • Otherwise the next step would be to communicate with the original theme designer, let them know the steps you have completed, so they can offer the best support to help you out.

Hope this helps you out. As a theme/template designer I get this question quite often, and I hope to help so you can get working on that new site even faster…and having fun doing it!