WordPress + Elementor Tidbits - You might find an answer to a ? that has stumped you

Violaine: Customize Theme Settings

The theme comes with some basic settings, to match the demo, but you can further customize those to suit your design style. See below some of the other choices you can make & where to make them.

Want a featured image on your individual post pages?

  • Go to Appearance >> Customize
  • Theme Settings >> Singular Content
  • REMEMBER – Click the PUBLISH blue button to save your changes and make them public. Otherwise you can exit out of this area and your changes will not be saved.

Want to customize your footer copyright information?

  • Go to Appearance >> Customize
  • Theme Settings >> Footer

You can make changes here to the content that shows at the very bottom of the website – the copyright information. I’d love it if you leave information about the theme & Genesis, but you are more then welcome to change any & all of the details shown here. If you make edits, the Customizer window will update to show your changes so you can be sure you are happy with them before Publishing them for the public.

Want to change the “new page” layout for the theme?

The theme comes with a setup for new pages that has a content (left) + sidebar (right). You may want to change that!!

  • Go to Appearance >> Customize
  • Theme Settings >> Site Layout

You have the choices of

  • content (left) + sidebar (right)
  • sidebar (left) + content (right)
  • full width (like the homepage & about pages from the demo) – no sidebar