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Violaine: How to set up the Blog Page

The first step in creating the blog page (with the layout from the demo) is to create the page and set WordPress to recognize it as the page where your blog posts will be show in a grid layout.

  • Create a new page and give it a name. Usually BLOG is a good name, but you can call it whatever you like. Save this new page and you can exit back out to the main Admin dashboard.
  • Go to Settings >> Reading. On this page you want to view where it says “A static page….” and then click the drop down next to where it says “Posts Page”. You will choose your new blog page from the drop down choices and save your changes. **This will tell WordPress to automatically populate your blog posts onto the new page you created.
  • That’s it! You will probably want to add your new Blog page to your navigation menu and then you should be able to view it from the front-end (public) view of your website.