WordPress + Elementor Tidbits - You might find an answer to a ? that has stumped you

Violaine: Set up your navigation (Main & Social Menus)

The demo import does not come with a navigation menu in order to make sure you can create your own custom menu with the links you want to share with the public. Once you have your pages all set up and are ready to share them with the public, the following quick steps will set that up for you.

  • Go to Appearance >> Menus
  • If this is a brand new site, you might not have any menus set up. Continue on so I can help you create your first menu. If you already had a menu, then you might just need to turn it on (so it shows in the new theme) by clicking “Header Menu” where it says Display location. Don’t forget to save your changes after doing this!

No Menu Setup – Let’s start here!

  • Find where it says “Menu Name” and let’s give your new nav menu a name. I usually go with something simple to remember like Main Navigation. Once you do that, go ahead and click the blue button on the right to save your changes (just in case you get bopped out…you will not have to repeat this step).
  • Then, on the left..you can put a check mark next to all of the pages you want to add into the top level of your nav. Click the “Add to Menu” button and they will show up on the right side. Go ahead and click/drag them around to the order you want – save your changes once again!
  • You can add or move menu items into drop down areas by clicking and dragging them below another menu item (edge them a little to the right – see screenshot below – to make sure they become a child of a top level item). You’ll see a dashed outline giving you a visual indication where the menu item will be (top level or a child/drop down item).
  • Go ahead and continue to add all of your pages and remember to save changes before leaving this page. The final step is to go down where it says Menu Settings and clicking “Header Menu” so your new navigation shows up at the top.

Social Menu – That fun vertical menu

If you want to set this menu up, you can follow the same steps as above with the following notes:

  • The vertical menu will not support drop down items, so only create a top level list of links so it continues to look good on the left side of your site.
  • It is recommended to keep this navigation to 3-4 items only, or else it can conflict visually with other items on the page if you make it too long. Just a suggestion!
  • To have this menu show, at the bottom where it says Menu Settings, you want a checkmark where it says “Social Vertical Menu”.
  • That’s it…enjoy your new menus!